Landlord Terms & Conditions

  1. Festival Flats will accept and confirm a booking accompanied by a guest booking agreement form.



15% of the rent + VAT will be charged.



It is the responsibility of the landlord to pay for any utilities (gas/electricity/wifi/water/council tax/sewerage) charges incurred during the stay of the guest(s). Access to central heating controls must be made available to tenants together with clear instructions for use.



It shall be the responsibility of the landlord/property owner to ensure that all gas appliances have an up to date Gas Safety Certificate issued annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. All electrical appliances must be in good working order in accordance with Landlord Accreditation

Scotland. All soft furnishings must comply with fire safety regulations. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide meters, a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket are recommended and must be in working order. Windows must be in good repair and easily opened and closed for ventilation.



All properties must have home and contents insurance. Landlord/property owners must advise insurance companies of their intention to let, to establish whether an additional premium is required. Landlord/property owners are not responsible for the insurance of the personal belongings of tenants.



It is not compulsory for landlords/property owners to provide full inventories of household items however any objects of particular value or personal interest should be removed, listed or photographed. Two copies of this list should be produced, one to be signed by the incoming tenant on arrival for the retention of the landlord/property owner, the other to be signed by the landlord/property owner for the retention of the tenant. Upon departure, these should be reviewed by both parties. Festival Flats must be informed of any issues raised within 7 days of the tenants departing.



Landlords/property owners must leave clear instructions for all appliances, in particular for boilers, cookers and central heating systems (where applicable).  Instructions regarding where, when and how rubbish should be disposed of should also be visible in the property.



Any damages or breakages should be reported to Festival Flats or noted by the landlord/property owner to the tenant on his/her departure. Festival Flats must be contacted in writing, by the

landlord, as soon as possible but at the latest within 1 week of the departure of the tenant(s) with information of any claims against the tenant for breakages or damage to their property.

In the event that items need to be replaced or where estimates are needed for the repair of an article, Festival Flats will allow a maximum of 3 weeks from termination of the let for written estimates to be presented to them. Landlords/property owners must be prepared to claim on their household insurance policy for accidental damages which would cost in excess of £250.00 to repair. If the landlord/property owner fails to inform Festival Flats of damages within one week and provide valid receipts/estimates for deductions within 3 weeks of the lease ending, deposits will be returned to the tenants. Festival Flats cannot be held responsible for reimbursing landlord/property owners if estimates for repair or replacement of broken or damaged articles have not been received within this period.

Festival Flats’ tenants must agree to report any damages (major or minor) immediately. The landlord/property owner agrees that Festival Flats can arrange for work to be done to the property, at the expense of the landlord/property owner (without written or verbal notice or permission), if it is thought to be necessary for reasons of 1) safety, (e.g. in the case of an electrical fault occurring); 2) in order to prevent damage, (e.g. in the case of a water leak) or 3) in the case of security (e.g. if a property is broken into and a lock needs to be replaced); 4) in order

to maintain the property at the level of comfort and with the amenities as laid out in the booking letter, (e.g. in the event of a washing machine, cooker or TV breakdown); 5) any other reason where Festival Flats feel immediate action is required.



In the event of a dispute arising between the landlord/property owner and tenant which cannot be settled, both Parties shall agree to appoint an Arbitrator who shall be mutually chosen with both parties acting reasonably and without delay.  The decision of the named Arbitrator shall be final and binding on the Parties hereto. If, after 3 months, the Parties have failed to appoint an Arbitrator, Festival Flats will apportion funds held by Festival Flats between Landlord and Tenant on a fair and equitable basis as Festival Flats sees fit. The apportionment of funds specified by Festival Flats will be binding on both parties as is evidenced by the signature on the Acceptance Form relating to their respective booking letters.



All properties are required to have secure locks on doors and window locks for ground floor and basement windows. Keys must be tested prior to the let and found to operate easily. Instructions must be left for the tenant as to where to leave keys on departure. Entry-door locking and intercom systems must be operational.



For a let where the telephone is to be used for incoming calls only. It will be the responsibility of the landlord/property owner to arrange incoming calls only with their telephone provider and to receive from them confirmation that the telephone service will receive incoming calls only for the duration of the let.


For a let where full use of the telephone and/or internet is advertised.

The landlord/property owner will guarantee full working use of the telephone and/or internet service. When Wi-Fi has been specified on the booking letter as being a requirement and is not active on the morning of the commencement of the tenancy, Festival Flats reserves the right to charge the landlord/property owner up to £500 for the inconvenience caused and/or cancel the tenancy without any further responsibility due to the landlord/owner by Festival Flats. Wi-Fi usage should be provided on an unlimited basis unless otherwise stated in the booking letter. Festival Flats has the right to install a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to any property where the Wi-Fi is not in working order at the start of the tenancy and this cost will be deducted from the rent. Due to the Data Protection Act, Festival Flats is unable to rectify any problems such as non-connectivity at the start of the tenancy or disconnection during the tenancy of telephone and/or internet services.

It will be the responsibility of the landlord/property owner to arrange, through the telephone provider, to receive a statement for telephone usage for the period of the let which must be forwarded to Festival Flats. A copy of the statement will be sent to the tenant and any payment due will be reimbursed to the landlord/property owner by Festival Flats.



 Basic cleaning/hygiene products (e.g. cloths, anti-bacterial spray, furniture polish, dusters, bin bags, hand soap, soap, shampoo and toilet rolls) should be provided for each let. A supply of these should be available in the property for replenishment. Festival Flats reserves the right to purchase any relevant items and deduct the cost from the rental payment to the property owner/landlord.  A vacuum cleaner must be provided in good order. Decoration should be as described on the

Property To Let Form. The property must be cleaned to a high standard. The fridge should be completely emptied. Windows must be clean. The kitchen must be equipped with sufficient kitchenware for the total number of people to be accommodated.

For lets lasting longer than a week, spare linen and towels for each bed/person must be provided. Should the tenant find the property dirty or unprepared in any way, contrary to the terms agreed, Festival Flats reserve the right to relocate the tenant and declare the contract invalid. Alternatively, Festival Flats reserves the right, if deemed appropriate (acting reasonably), to engage cleaners or any other person who may be required to complete the preparation of the property for letting, at the landlord/property owner’s expense plus a fee of £75 + VAT. On departure, the tenant is required to leave the property in a clean condition with all rubbish removed.  A deduction from the tenant’s booking deposit will be made if the flat is left in an unacceptable state by the tenant on departure. Normal wear and tear must be expected. Landlord/property owners must not expect any of the linen that has been used to be laundered prior to tenants’ departure nor for tenants to pay for laundry costs at end of let.

Festival Flats tenants are not expected to tolerate pests in their properties.   In the case of rodents or insects being detected, Festival Flats will engage the services of a pest control company at the expense of the property-owner.



In the case of a property being involved in the process of a Common Repair Scheme or being affected in any way (e.g. by noise, dust) or inconvenience of any sort by maintenance work,

building work or road works being carried out in the vicinity, the owner must keep himself fully informed of progress and work schedules and keep Festival Flats fully informed of any inconvenience or discomfort which may be likely to be caused to the tenant at any time during the course of the let. Tenants should not be subjected to inconvenience or discomfort from building work or road works e.g. noise, dust or lack of security, unless the situation is clearly stipulated prior to the start of the let and reflected in the rent.  Broken Lifts may result in the termination of the contract or compensation to tenant at the expense of the Landlord/property owner and at the discretion of Festival Flats.



Festival Flats reserves the right to cancel or terminate a let if, in its opinion (acting reasonably), the property is, or becomes, for whatever reason, unsuitable for letting or if any of the above conditions have not been met.  In such an event, Festival Flats reserve the right to withhold payment to the landlord of any rent which relates to a period after the tenant’s departure. Furthermore, in such an event, Festival Flats will have no further responsibility to the landlord/property owner.



In the rare event of a prospective tenant cancelling before the letting period, but after acceptance forms have been received, landlord/property owners shall agree to keep the flat available and prepared for Festival Flats to re-let the property to a suitable alternative tenant.


  1. KEYS

Keys should be provided for as many people as possible, at least one set per person for the first 6 people, and one set for every additional 2 people. Yale keys alone are not acceptable to secure front doors.  Key sets should be numbered, listed and allocated to named tenants at the show-in. (In case keys go missing, the responsible tenant can then be named). Any arrangement made by owners to send tenants keys by post is at the landlord/property owner’s own risk.

At least one set of keys for each property should be held by Festival Flats. If cleaning services and/or Festival Flats is to arrange entry of tenants, two sets are required. If only one set has been provided and two are needed, Festival Flats reserves the right to arrange for another set to be cut and the cost deducted from the landlord/owner’s rental payment.


The landlord/property owner must ensure that all keys have been tested and can open locks smoothly otherwise there will be a charge to the property owner.


  1. Festival Flats reserves the right, after consultation with property owner, to award compensation in the way of rent reduction in the event of any inconvenience caused to tenants, which in Festival Flats’ reasonable opinion, is deemed to be unacceptable.




Professional Photography £80 – £150 depending on the size of the property.


It is the responsibility of the landlord/property owner or designated representative to ensure that the property is fully prepared in accordance with the written contract. Failure to do so may result in a £75.00 penalty charge. This is charged in addition to any charges made for shopping, extra cleaning, maintenance work required or compensation for the inconvenience to incoming tenants.


All of the above charges are subject to VAT