Terms and Conditions

1. The booking will be made with a Booking Letter accompanied by the Terms & Conditions issued by Festival Flats to the Property Owner and the Tenant. The booking is considered confirmed upon receipt of the booking deposit, and the Acceptance Forms duly signed by both the Property Owner and the Tenant. Once the Booking Deposit has been paid, the Tenant is responsible for the whole amount of rent due.

2. The Tenant will pay a Booking/Damages Deposit. An increased deposit may be required for larger groups of tenants and luxury properties. The deposit amount will be clearly stated on your invoice.

3. The balance of rent due must be paid at least 8 weeks prior to the first day of the booking period and/or on the dates detailed on invoice. If the full rent is not received, Festival Flats reserves the right to cancel the booking. The Booking Deposit will be forfeited and the property made available for new bookings. If a booking is made within 8 weeks of the move-in date, the full rent and Booking Deposit must be paid immediately to secure the property. Payments are not considered paid until Festival Flats has received cleared funds into its bank account.

4. The booking is for a predetermined period as stated in the Booking Letter.

5. The Tenant must contact Festival Flats or the Property Owner at least two weeks before the start of the let to arrange access to the property.

6. Where a company or agent on behalf of a third party has booked the property, the third party must be disclosed to Festival Flats. The company or agent making the booking takes full responsibility for the actions of the third party and his/her guests and they must ensure that the third party is aware of these terms and conditions.

7. The Tenant or other occupiers must not cause (nor allow others to cause) nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to the Property Owner or any neighbours. Festival Flats reserve the right to terminate the if disturbances persist.

8. If, in Festival Flats’ reasonable opinion, the Tenant or any member of their party behaves in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger or distress to any third party or damage to property, Festival Flats is entitled to terminate the contract without prior notice. In this situation, the entire party will be required to leave the accommodation and Festival Flats will have no further responsibility toward the booking party. No refunds will be made and Festival Flats will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.

9. The Tenant agrees to use the property solely for the purposes of temporary accommodation or a private holiday residence.

10. The Tenant is responsible for the property and all items in the Property during their stay. The Tenant must not remove any item(s) from the Property at any time.

11. The Tenant must not re-arrange any items of furniture in the Property.

12. The Tenant must not (nor allow others to) make any alterations or additions to the Property or its decorations, fixtures or fittings.

13. The Tenant must keep all baths, sinks, lavatories, cisterns and pipes etc. free from all blockages and obstructions.

14. Bed linen and towels will be provided by the landlord and must remain within the Property. Spare linen and towels will be provided for all lets longer than 1 week. Beds must be stripped and all dirty linen folded for laundering and left on each bed. Please note that laundry should not be left in the washing machine at the end of the let. Tenants are not responsible for doing their own laundry of bed linen and towels at the end the end of the let.

15. The Tenant must dispose of all rubbish in an appropriate manner.

16. All locks and windows must be locked and secured when the Property is unattended and when vacated.

17. All damages and breakages to the Property, its contents, or the common areas are the legal responsibility of the Tenant and shall be charged appropriately. All damages andbreakages must be reported to Festival Flats.

18. The Property Owner is required to have the property cleaned to a high standard. If there is any concern over the cleanliness of the property, Festival Flats must be immediately notified.

19. The Tenant must notify Festival Flats within 24 hours of entry to the property of any disrepair or defect in respect of the Property or the fixtures and fittings and report any failure of mechanical or electrical appliances. The Tenant must permit the Property Owner or Festival Flats access to the Property at reasonable times and with reasonable notice to enter, inspect and, if necessary, to repair the Property. The Property Owner or Festival Flats may enter the Property without prior notice in case of emergency. Whilst Festival Flats will make every effort to rectify any problems, Festival Flats will not be held liable for any loss or inconvenience caused by failure to do so. Festival Flats will not action complaints that are not reported immediately and no orrespondence will be entered into in respect of complaints made on departure or post departure.

20. If a telephone is present in a property and is used, any call charges will be deducted from the Booking Deposit.

21. Only those persons whose name appears on the Acceptance Form may use the property.

22. The number of persons staying in the property must not exceed the agreed number of persons stated in the Booking Letter. Any increase in the agreed number of persons staying in the property must be pre-arranged with Festival Flats.

23. The substitution of persons during the rental period is forbidden unless previously agreed with Festival Flats.

24. No animals may be kept in the Property without the prior written agreement of the Property Owner or Festival Flats. If a pet is permitted, the Tenant is responsible for its behaviour at all times. The Tenant will be responsible for any damage caused by the animal.

25. Gas and/or electricity meters will be read at both the start and end of the tenancy by the Property Owner or Festival Flats. Any charges over and above the allowance stated in the booking letter will be deducted from the Booking Deposit. In a Property where gas and electric is inclusive and the usage is deemed to be excessively high, Festival Flats reserve the right to charge an excess fee that will be deducted from the booking deposit.

26. Festival Flats does not take any responsibility for gas and electrical safety of the property. The Property Owner is responsible for maintaining the property and adhering to all relevant laws and legislations.

27. The Booking Deposit is held in trust by Festival Flats for the duration of the booking. Festival Flats will be entitled at the end of the booking period to use the deposit to meet any outstanding sums or account due by the Tenant, the cost of repairs, cleaning or replacing any of the fixtures and fittings which have been broken, damaged or lost and the expense of making good any failure by the Tenant to fulfil any of the conditions of this agreement.

28. Festival Flats will make every effort to ensure the Booking Deposit will be reimbursed as soon as possible at the end of the tenancy subject to any deductions. In the event that there are deductions to be made, Festival Flats may need to wait for adequate receipts to be provided by the Property Owner. No interest will be paid by Festival Flats to the Tenant in respect of the held deposit.
29. If the Booking Deposit is insufficient to cover any damage caused or service charges incurred by the Tenant, then the Tenant will be responsible for paying Festival Flats any additional monies due immediately on request from Festival Flats.

30. Festival Flats will not accept responsibility for, or pay any compensation to, a tenant when the provision of the accommodation or its facilities is prevented or affected by any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid.
31. If for any reason beyond the Property Owner’s control the Property is unavailable on the day when the booking is due to begin or the Property becomes unsuitable for habitation during the booking period as decided by Festival Flats, the full amount paid by the Tenant will be refunded. Festival Flats will make every reasonable effort to find suitable alternative accommodation but the Tenant shall have no further claim against the Property Owner or Festival Flats.

32. The Tenant agrees not to sub-let the property in whole or in part or take in lodgers or paying guests.

33. The Property Owner and Festival Flats will have no liability for any items belonging to the Tenant. The Tenant is advised to insure their personal belongings and include any cover for cancellation of the booking. The use of the accommodation is entirely at the Tenants’ risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, loss or damage to Tenant’s belongings.

34. The Tenant is obliged to vacate the hired premises without demand at the termination of the tenancy.

35. The Tenant agrees to decline from using contacts made through Festival Flats to arrange future bookings directly with Property Owners.

36. If the Tenant or any of their party breaches any of the above terms and conditions, Festival Flats reserves the right to terminate this agreement.


1. CANCELLATION: The Tenant will not be reimbursed for any cancellation unless Festival
2. Flats secures an alternative booking for the property. If the property is re-booked, the Tenant
3. will be reimbursed to the value of the rental amount of the new booking, less an
Administration fee of £50 + VAT.

4. CHANGES MADE TO CONTRACT: If the Tenant wishes to make any changes (for
5. example dates) to the confirmed booking, the Tenant must notify Festival Flats as soon
6. as possible. An administration charge of £25 + VAT will be applied per change. Whilst
7. Festival Flats will endeavour to assist, Festival Flats cannot guarantee it will be able to
8. meet any such requirements.

9. CLEANING: The Property must be left clean and tidy at the end of the tenancy. This includes removing all rubbish from the property and removing all items from the fridge. If the Property is not left in the condition in which it was found, cleaners will be arranged and charged against the Tenant’s booking deposit.

10. KEYS: KEYS: All keys must be collected and retuned to Festival Flats located at Arch 3 East Market Street EH8 8FS

No keys will be posted or are to be returned by post, there is a dedicated office. The Property Owner is required to provide an adequate number of keys for the tenants. Any lost keys must be reported to Festival Flats immediately. Keys must not carry the address of the property for security reasons. Keys must be left on departure as per instructions given by Festival Flats or the Property Owner. If all sets of keys are not returned, Festival Flats reserves the right to charge the Tenant for the cost of hiring a locksmith to fit new locks as well as an administration fee of £25 + VAT. These costs will be deducted from the Booking Deposit.

11. SMOKING: All properties are strictly non-smoking. If you have been found to be smoking in the flat a charge of £250.00 minimum will be deducted from the Booking Deposit.

12. TRADESMEN: If the Tenant reports a fault and Festival Flats calls out tradesmen whodiscover that no fault exists, the Tenant will be charged the tradesman’s fee. If an agreement has been made with the Tenant for access to the Property and access cannot be gained, the Tenant will be responsible for any tradesmen’s fees incurred.